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About Us

Amity Bella is more than just the go to place for babes to discover the hottest on trend fashion across the seven seas. 

Aside from our goal to help you look a solid 10 in our 100% animal-free threads, our greater mission is to help you to FEEL like a total babe!
We believe that, in order to CREATE happiness, confidence and the best version of ourselves, we all need to:

1. Make small positive changes to your life EVERY SINGLE DAY

2. Learn how to give to those in need.

Bella (The Founder of Amity Bella) is no stranger to the grips of domestic violence and the depression that follows, having experienced being abused both verbally and physically between 2010-2012.

Although a tough road with great fear and many tears, she is now stronger than ever and hopes to inspire the confidence you need to get back up swinging! She is a big believer of giving, as this provides you with purpose when you’re at your weakest.

That’s why, we’re constantly teaming up with organisations that focus on providing support to young people suffering from depression due to domestic violence or bullying.
With every purchase you make, 2% of profits will be donated to saving the lives of young people in need.
Guilt free shopping at it’s finest! Yes that’s’re basically a f--king hero! =)